Payroll Administration

3C Human Resources provides an on-demand solution that integrates powerful functionality and tax management capabilities to handle even the most complex payrolls. Companies of all shapes and sizes use our flexible, automated payroll solutions to more effectively manage this critical aspect of being an employer.


Dedicated to your success - 3C HRC can partner with your business to leverage the current capabilities of your HRIS/Payroll system.  We have also partnered with an industry leader to provide an end-to-end, hire-to-separation resource that allows you - on your own or in collaboration with your 3C HRC consultant - to more effectively manage employees ensuring greater communication, compliance and consistency.

Helping small and medium sized businesses leverage payroll & HRIS technology

Tax Filing

PeopleStrategy offers the option to outsource stressful tax filing processes. We collect and consolidate payroll tax data and transactions and ensure you get accurate, secure, reliable filing and remittance of all payroll-related tax returns and payments. We also compile available information on every applicable tax authority.

Powered by People Strategy, 3C Human Resources Consulting offers...

Year-End Services

Closing a calendar year is an important process in which several official tasks must be performed to officially prepare for the New Year. As such, we provide comprehensive Year-End Services that includes reviewing employee data and producing, delivering and filing year-end forms such as W2s, 1099s and ACA Forms 1095 and 1096.

Core HR

3C Human Resources provides a single-source point with a system that engages applicants and employees with the routine administrative functions allowing the HR administrator to spend more time engaging in other “higher level” functions that impacts the workforce and can help drive Company success.


A system that allows you to keep what you like about your recruiting and hiring process and and replace the rest by using the right features like configurable workflows, templates, and custom fields putting company's best foot forward to candidates right from the start.

Benefit Administration

3C Human Resources improves the level of service provided to employees while simplifying benefits administration with a single, web-based system that communicates important benefit offerings to employees and connects the enrollment process to carriers and other third-party providers.

New Hires

When you hire someone new, completing paperwork should not be the primary focus. Our system moves that process online so you can focus on getting your new team member comfortable, trained and contributing.

Time & Attendance

Our system supports multiple methods for capturing time including physical clocks that support biometrics and online timeclocks making it easier for your employees to log their hours and ensuring you have a solid audit trail. It's also super simple for employees to request time-off and for managers to approve those requests.

Reporting & Analytics

Our integrated reporting tool includes standard and custom reports, dashboards, visualization and data analytic capabilities.

This is only a snapshot of our capabilities.  We are excited to team up with companies to help make your human resources function world-class!
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